We Have Moved!

Please visit my new Masterkey blog at: http://masterkey.vitalecoach.nl/

As proceeding in growing and learning, the blog is now moved to a hosted one. You will find all my old post and comments at this new address:  http://masterkey.vitalecoach.nl/ 

Thank you for passing by!


Connecting the dots… Week 10

turnkeyThis tenth week of the Master Key Experience was one of a lot of practical action,  reflection,  rearranging and results in many different areas. One of my main practical issues which I needed to get over and done with has been taken care of by the digital heroes of this MKE training, the Turn Key Blog Team.

Many of us will recognise the pain in the a… feeling when dealing with building and setting up websites or blogs for their professional exposure on the digital highway. The deeper you dig into the stuff, the deeper you sink…. well…at least I did! I will persist until I succeed!

Putting my ego aside and arranging an appointment to ask some questions on how to go about this was one of the best things I could have done to help me go forward. Within the hour it was all taken care of and now this team is working on the migration of this blog to a hosted version. It will all be set up ready to do all my business on-line, connecting whatever is needed, all the headache generating work is taken out of my hands! I love it!!! The digital diva’s are at service so I can be of service soon. Now that sounds promising!

Meanwhile I had created some valuable spare-time because of this, what would this spare-time bring? Time to sit down and focus on my dream board…such a great pleasure to work on it. During the last 7 years I’ve made some, getting better at it all the time. It’s my daughter who keeps reminding me about all the things I’ve put on them and how precise most of it has been brought into my reality. We talked a lot about Universal Laws in the past.  She happened to send me a message today to show her ‘ugly’, little Christmas tree ( a tradition in our family: take the most miserable, little tree home and make her happy), she bought it this afternoon to get it decorated in her student condo.

Looking at the picture my eye caught something else, I was pleasantly surprised! On the wall this collage….. Asking her what it is she answered: “Mum, that’s my life cycleplan! Remember I made it 3 years ago at this training with you?” “Woww…you still have it, didn’t know..”  ” Well… I’ve re-shaped it, I realised I needed to be more precise as things were happening in funny ways”.

Again for me another moment of insight and realisation…. I’m here to support and facilitate in Finding YOUR Way, it makes me feel sooooo thrilled!